Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Blog #2...


Well I suppose it's been more than enough time in between blogs (thanks Erin!)...and many humorous things have gone on since I last posted. I might as well just jump right in...(hopefully it's as funny on the blog as it was in real life)...

ok, Dorothy's quote of the week...let me just set the scene. It's like 10pm on Saturday night and she is watching Ashley Tulloch, Melissa and I play Trivial Pursuit (she likes to interject the answers from time to time, which can be irritating, not really because she's ruining the game, but more because she makes us all feel does she know so much??). Annnnyway, Melissa just happens to look up at her and asks something along the lines of, "Are you gnawing on a pork chop?" which Dot replies rather sheeplishly, "What can I say?...I like meat.". Let me just reiterate, it was 10pm!! and the pork chop was the size of her face! She was just holding it in her hand, gnawing on it! hahaha...oh mommy!
Also during this game, Melissa admitted to having a mini-stroke earlier in the day as her slowness and confusion becomes evident. The kicker was when she read the word "bombed" like "Bom Bed". Now most people would have immediately realized their mistake, but not Melissa as she continues on repeating, "Bom bed? haha, Whatever that is!". :

Now in all fairness to Melissa, I did conduct a little study regarding the difficulty of reading this word. The next day at church I asked some people (N=5) to read it aloud. The results were, three (Brittany Hocking, Heather Hawdon and Genny Webster) reading "bom bed" and two (Sarah Argent and Marg Bibby) reading the tricky word correctly. Bravo you two! Are you members of Mensa??

haha, oh me oh my. I love people! I would just like to take this opportunity to say that I am certainly not perfect, as I read many things Beethoven was once read, Beeth Oven by yours truly. :S

...nothing too eventful has been going on in my life. My first exam is on the 11th (yes, I will spend my bday studying..booo!). I should probably start some studying now. I think I will!

Anyway, that is all for now. I hope the humour was not lost over the blogger waves...

Until Next Time,


Wednesday, November 29, 2006

It has begun...

...I have jumped on the blogwagon!! Actually, I think this is my 3rd attempt at jumping on the blogwagon...yes, that would mean that i have fallen off the wagon twice. Pity me. I digress....

Today is like most Wednesdays... For the last 1.5 hours I have wasted time in the Ben Avery computer lab. I should have been doing work in between classes, but...instead, read random blogs. I guess this break has been somewhat productive as I have now begun a blog of my own!! So instead of wasting time by living vicariously through the lives of others, I can now update others on my own life! yay! Hopefully I can get some interesting and/or insightful things on this...thing. :

Well tally ho...until we meet again!